Prevent Denials and Rework. Increase Net Patient Revenue and POS Collections.

Your hospital can do better. A lot better. At AccuReg, we’re committed to improving customer outcomes in patient access. Many hospitals and health systems are shocked to find they’re leaving money on the table with their current patient access vendors. It’s not uncommon for antiquated patient access processes and technology to leave your revenue cycle susceptible to errors that often are unresolved and repeated prior to billing, costing you time and money.

From denials and rework to back-end collections, these unnecessary costs prevent your hospital from maximizing net patient revenue. It’s time to think different about patient access—it’s time to focus on front-end optimization versus back-end cleanup.

Front-End RCM Solutions that Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

Hospitals still using a traditional mid- and back-end focused approach to revenue cycle management dilute their profits by managing denials when they could have been preventing them. AccuReg utilizes a unique predict and prevent approach to front-end revenue cycle management, empowering patient access teams to eliminate errors and denials before the point of service and prior to filing claims.

Optimize your revenue cycle with EngageCare Provider. Our full suite of front-end revenue cycle management solutions gives patient access teams the tools to ensure the data integrity needed to submit clean claims the first time, collect more POS cash and reduce bad debt and write-offs, resulting in reduced costs and increased revenue.

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Working with a partner that is focused on patient access elements is critical to being able to provide a patient experience that is second to none.

Sue Plank
Director of Patient Access, Goshen Health

Complete Patient Access and Denials Prevention from One Partner

By combining an exception-based workflow, a registration quality assurance rules engine, intelligent eligibility and benefit validation and prior authorization management, AccuReg predicts and prevents denial-causing issues at the front of the revenue cycle where it costs significantly less.

Our price transparency and patient estimation solutions help hospitals comply with government requirements, improve patient satisfaction by generating accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates and increase pre-service revenue by allowing staff to engage patients in financial conversations and collect cash prior to service.

The Consumer Experience Patients Expect. The Revenue Protection You Need.

At the core of the EngageCare platform is a sophisticated rules engine that is continuously updated and tailored specifically for each customer. It uses automation and artificial intelligence, including robotic process automation (RPA), predictive analytics and machine learning, to identify and prevent issues and errors that cause rework, inefficiency and denials. By doing this at the front of the revenue cycle, problems that increase costs, collections and write-offs are eliminated. At the same time, EngageCare automatically audits 100 percent of patient accounts, checks demographic data, propensity to pay, and validates benefit coverage specific to the patient’s scheduled appointment.

Take a front-end focused approach to your revenue cycle with EngageCare Provider. Improve efficiency, increase net patient revenue and improve patient satisfaction with solutions that keep your front-end revenue cycle running at optimal performance. Contact our team by completing a contact request form or calling us directly at 866-872-7498.


  • Increase net patient revenue
  • Prevent denial-causing errors
  • Reduce bad debt and rework
  • Increase pre-service revenue
  • Decrease costs and lost revenue
  • Reduce avoidable write-offs
  • Increase clean claim rates
  • Improve consistency, quality, accuracy and speed of registration
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve staff efficiency and effectiveness
  • Generate accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates
  • Exceed industry standards in patient access
  • Measure staff performance
  • Reduce patient financial anxiety
  • Enhance brand reputation and competitive advantage