Automatically Prevent Errors at Pre-Registration and Patient Registration That Cause Denials and Lost Revenue

Typos, missing information and human error are inevitable in any data entry setting, and if undetected and uncorrected, these preventable errors cause rework, denials, unnecessary costs and lost revenue. It’s time to focus on patient access optimization and stop the back-end cleanup that’s wasting time and money.

EngageCare Registration Quality Assurance increases patient registration accuracy by using software and a proprietary rules engine to automatically audit 100 percent of your patient registrations, identifying hundreds of types errors. Real-time alerts on registrars’ work queues flag accounts that need corrections and deliver clear instructions to registrars of how to correct errors and submit clean claims.

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I don’t expect perfection from vendors but I do expect responsiveness. I get that from AccuReg. If I have a question or if I encounter a problem, they respond that day. Their response time is another key reason I’ve been an AccuReg client for more than 10 years. I truly consider them a partner.

Rodney Adams
Associate Administrator of Finance, Williamson County Medical Center

EngageCare Patient Registration Software Learns While it Earns

The answer to improved net patient revenue lies in your front-end processes. Denials prevention—not management—is the key to reducing bad debt, write-offs and protecting net patient revenue.

AccuReg patient registration software audits and alerts:

  • Automatically validate all patient, guarantor and subscriber addresses against the USPS database
  • Use an intelligent guided registration process to provide hospital staff with specific scripting to correct issues
  • Re-audit registrations after any changes and receive alerts to warn if any updated information is still incorrect
  • Issue high priority alerts to designate urgent issues that will cause payment denial
  • Flag accounts with errors for easy access
  • Suggest specific training criteria to help increase registration accuracy

Exceed Industry Standards in Patient Access

Even with integrated intelligent software, improving the effectiveness of your staff is critical to the success of your revenue cycle. AccuReg is the only software that embeds NAHAM’s AccessKeys® into our patient access solution to provide hospitals with national benchmarking standards and best practices. Customized educational courses and tests serve as an evaluation tool for supervisors to view and measure staff performance.

Improve your hospital’s patient registration accuracy and prevent denials before they happen. Contact our team by completing a contact request form or calling us directly at 866-872-7498.

How AccuReg Registration Quality Assurance Works For You


  • Automatically audit 100% of patient registrations
  • Customized rules with unlimited edits
  • Scheduling, pre-registration and registration auditing
  • Staff training and testing
  • Scorecards, dashboards and ad-hoc reports
  • Address validation
  • Volume and/or frequency threshold alerts
  • Patient survey
  • Simplified e-form templates for common patient access documents


  • Prevent denial-causing errors
  • Reduce bad debt and rework
  • Increase pre-service revenue
  • Decrease costs and lost revenue
  • Increase clean claim rates
  • Improve consistency, quality, accuracy and speed of registration
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Lower returned mail cost
  • Improve patient access department efficiency
  • Exceed industry standards in patient access
  • Measure staff performance

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