Eliminate Bottlenecks, Monitor Performance and Reach Patient Satisfaction Goals

With insight into registration accuracy, wait times, patient flow, cash collections and service performance, your management teams can identify areas of opportunity, set goals and take real-time corrective action to improve patient and staff satisfaction. EngageCare Reporting and Dashboards provide the detailed reports and predefined alerts that enable your staff to adjust in real time and eliminate bottlenecks within your facilities.


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  • Customizable, interactive charts and views exportable for additional analysis
  • Export raw data for additional analysis
  • Cross-facility reporting using a single report
  • Patient tracking from door to discharge, and every minute in between
  • Ability to set pre-determined thresholds for each service area
  • Live views of registration times, service volume, total registration and wait times
  • Real-time notifications for exceeded thresholds sent to assigned staff members via text, chat, email or pager


  • Improve visibility into facility management and oversight
  • Adjust patient flow and order of services as needed to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Expedite wait times
  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction
  • Improve staff workflows, reduce paperwork and allow more time with patients
  • Increase staff efficiency across health systems, hospitals, ambulatory and acute settings
  • Enable goal setting and evaluation tools