Increased Visibility into Patient Status. Real-Time Alerts for Quick Adjustments.

Track patient flow throughout the care episode. From the point of service to discharge and beyond, your staff, patients and their families and caregivers stay informed of patient status with real-time alerts. Using proactive communications from EngageCare Patient Flow and Tracking, you optimize patient flow, improving coordination between service areas, decreasing wait times and reducing anxiety for patients and their loved ones. This same information can be used with digital monitors in waiting rooms or other facility locations to ensure consistent visibility to patients’ status and improve hand-offs between departments.


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  • Patient tracking throughout the entire care episode
  • Real-time patient status alerts for patients and approved caregivers at registration, relevant service areas and beyond
  • Coordinated patient tracking across departments
  • Patient status integrated with waiting room monitors
  • Seamless coordination and communication between each patient contact
  • Alert staff through text or email when wait-time thresholds are exceeded


  • Increase patient flow
  • Decrease wait times
  • Improve cross-departmental collaboration
  • Increase patient, family, friends and caregiver satisfaction
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Ensure consistent visibility to patient status